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Reminders: Zine

A zine project by and for trans folks and our friends. Reminders that oppose pervasive negative societal messages, currently available as a pocket-zine with poster.

Everything is Awful & I'm Not OK

...Questions to Ask Before Giving Up. Printable posters of a couple of mental health poems, and some mental health resources.

Doing a knit.

I make things out of sticks and yarn. Sometimes I remember to take pictures of them.

Our Methy House

That feeling when you buy a house in your twenties and your partner gets mysteriously sick and eventually you figure out that you live in a meth house.

Hello my name is Puck.

Sometimes I do small projects and put them on the internet. Mostly I forget that social media exists, but I occasionally remember about @puckish. If you want to check in about queer mental health, dis/ability stuff or whatever else, that's my gmail handle as well. xo

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