white card with hearts hanging down, reads
card with blue and brown hearts and stripes, with the same text as above
card with a green grass background, with the same text as above.

Hi Friend, You Are Fabulous.

Too many people are killing themselves. I made these cards to give out to my friends, and for them to give out to their friends. I like to write my number on the back.

Do you want some? I will send you as many as I can send for one stamp, if you email your address to hifriendyouarefabulous@gmail.com.

If you want more than can fit in an envelope, or want to help with postage and printing costs, you can donate through paypal, but you don't have to.

Vistaprint probably wouldn't be happy with me offering you a downloadable printout of their designs, but you can make your own with them probably-for-free.

i am out of cards now because reasons but am hoping to come back to this project in the future.

p.s. i have heard that imalive might not be super-awesome for queer folks. does anyone know of a better resource that is 24/7 chat? i haven't found any yet.