Working retail I once overheard a kid explain to their family: "I just wanna be real sad."
The family provided a simple response that resonated: "You can be real sad while walking with us."

This page is a reminder that you're not the only one who has gone through this crap, and that you/we are resilient and will get through it. Here are some resources I have found that I like:

Everything is Awful and I'm Not OK is a list of "questions to ask before giving up" and provides some basic self-care queries. The author licensed that text for sharing/adapting with credit, so I've taken it and altered some of the questions a bit and to made it pretty. You can download the PDF and print/adapt/whatever it yourself. I recommend printing it (on colored paper looks nice) and hanging it somewhere you'll see it/giving copies to your friends.

Inspired by that piece, Kaitlyn Boulding created this poem called Questions to Ask Before Giving Up which resonates with me hard because when I'm in depressive mode I don't respond well to serious ideas... So I made a pretty version of that too, to hang next to the other one. That PDF is here.

If you need more help getting through a list, there's also an interactive self-care guide called You Feel Like Shit which is a great resource for when that's the case.

Please don't kill yourself. Click here for crisis chat. My logic on crisis lines: Sometimes they can be helpful! Sometimes they aren't. But if you're already at your worst, it's hard to make things worse... And helpful is a good idea, yeah? xo