we found a contractor! …and were finally able to have cleanup start right after president’s day. here’s the most recent update from our contractor:

…we are moving right along with the remediation, no issues or problems. By the week’s end both the upstairs and downstairs of the home will be completely trashed out, debris, belongings, kitchen cabinetry, wood paneling, appliances and furnace removed. The ducting will be cleaned on Friday by our subcontractor the health department will be on site to oversee the process, per [their] request. The garage will be emptied and all interior plywood used to divide up the space will have been removed as well. All structures will be vacuumed / detailed and ready for wash. We intend, at a minimum, to have the garage completely washed before departing for the weekend. If possible and depending on the duct cleaning, we may have an opportunity to begin the washing in the downstairs of the home as well.

We will lock everything up tight when we depart on Friday. We will be back on Monday, 2/23 to finish up the washing. After the final wash, the home will need to be left to air dry a bit before we have [the Health Department] conduct his final inspection and we collect the final samples.

i got the apartment room in town, so butter and i are getting settled in to these 120-square-feet of our own. my partner is across the state and was just hired on as a classified substitute with the school district there; it sounds like they should have plenty of work through the end of the school year. we’re not sure what the next step for Our Life is, but our deadline to figure it out is coming up soon, as we need to know what we want from the house before we get another contractor in to make that happen. hmm…

i heard a song on the radio tonight that felt relevant. here’s “Boulders,” by Luxury Pond:

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