we made it home from thanksgiving at 12:30 or so, and after decompressing i still couldn’t sleep. i finally got to sleep around 6, and my partnerĀ woke me up at 7:30. “it flooded.” “ok, can you move the dehumidifier?” i went back to sleep. i can’t do a flood on less than two hours of… Read More

thanksgiving is not a good holiday. you know what i mean. i’m a vegetarian and am generally anti-genocide, so it’s not my favorite. but i missed my family, so I decided to visit. originally the plan was for me to head down alone and spend a few days of much-needed alone time house sitting for… Read More

i’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and have mostly resigned myself to being nocturnal. my partner goes to sleep and i putter. it’s when i’m productive, when i’m alone at night. but then i try to go to bed and i still can’t sleep, so i sit around being restless. tonight they got up at… Read More