Reminders: A zine project by and for trans folks and our friends.

Carry Reminders: in your pocket or share them with a friend! Here you can download and print your own copy of the poster & pocket-zine.

Do you need help figuring out the folding? Here is a how to fold a mini-zine booklet. xo!

Links and inspiration

Reading recommendations: Brown Recluse Zine Distro, We Will Not Cancel Us. Community Medicine Cabinet has some tools for caring for ourselves. Big heart love for the newly updated pod mapping resources. Fireweed collective has a good start to self-care resources in “mental health” space. Trans-specific zines? I’m Having Top Surgery: An Illustrated Guide For You and Me, Trans Self-Defense Zine, the Testosterone Survey zine, TransLash.


RUBRI JS is the glorious human and artist behind the "colonial norms" and "not a distraction" pieces. Get their prints!


Hayden Stern is a painter and fiber artist creating work grounded in transness and disability. Hayden created the "shouldn't have to fit in boxes" piece and Hayden's web store is here. 


AJ is a North Carolina-based illustrator who drew the "you are worthwhile" page. More of their illustrations can be found through Violet Paper Company.


Reminders: was born at Positive Images, a nonprofit organization that has been supporting young adults in Sonoma County since 1990. 

In the fall of 2018, Positive Images established a social/support space for adults aged 20-40, which formed a “trans resilience” discussion group. By framing the group as a resilience group (which, we are intrinsically doing resilience work by gathering as community), we put focus on the ways we grow from our challenges in addition to venting about them. This led to us noticing some common themes in our struggles. We have noticed that, across a variety of identities, many of us share a lot of the same insecurities.

In response to those shared insecurities, we made a list of reminders for ourselves, which has since morphed into this project. 

Contribute to the big zine! 

The next step in this process is to complete the Reminders: full-size zine, which will be sold to fund the pocket-zine and to benefit Positive Images, where this project was born. Does one of the reminders speak to you? Do you have another reminder to share with marginalized folks? Please submit black & white half-page-proportioned work with this handy form.