20160722_123343It’s 595 days that we’ve lived without a home base. That’s not a lot, but it’s a lot. It’s been 388 days since we’ve been able to live with the cat-shaped-being that is the third member of our family.

Today I picked up keys to an apartment in Spokane.

It’s two bedrooms, in Peaceful Valley which seems actually peaceful. We’ll be on the second floor of a 3-story, 9-unit building, with high ceilings and greenery all around and maybe a view of the river from our porch, or else just a view of plants which is fine too. It reminds me of Hogwarts.

We just bought a car, on our own, with no co-signer. This is a huge deal – life lately has thrashed our credit, I applied with BECU not imagining that we’d actually be approved, but we were!

My partner is working as a Christmas elf, packing ornaments. They just got their MA and are looking for work teaching math or in engineering. I am working on my health, actually getting diagnoses and utilizing resources here that we didn’t have access to before moving here. I’m working with DVR to help me find a job that will be sustainable for my mental and physical health. I’m still doing side jobs and if you need anything doing, I’m probably game.

As it stands, we came to town with a small nest egg and it’s almost gone. After we’re established we should be able to scrape by on our current income, but as it is we are asking for help hopefully a final time. We have this fundraising page set up and also our Amazon wishlist.

Obviously nothing is expected, but any support/shares will be appreciated!


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