we’re pretty sure that tomorrow will be our last day at the house, because we’ll probably meet with the health department tomorrow and if we do things will start rolling fast. it’s been all laundry all the time over here (my partner is amazing). beyond that, sanitizing is confusing. we have read a lot about… Read More

we’ve been trying to figure out where to go. we know we won’t be able to stay here, and we can’t really afford anywhere to go. none of our family is super cat-friendly. my partner needs to be in town so they can go to work. we have friends with a studio on their land… Read More

we made it home from thanksgiving at 12:30 or so, and after decompressing i still couldn’t sleep. i finally got to sleep around 6, and my partner woke me up at 7:30. “it flooded.” “ok, can you move the dehumidifier?” i went back to sleep. i can’t do a flood on less than two hours of… Read More

thanksgiving is not a good holiday. you know what i mean. i’m a vegetarian and am generally anti-imperialist, so it’s not my favorite. but i missed my family, so I decided to visit. originally the plan was for me to head down alone and spend a few days of much-needed alone time house sitting for… Read More

how did we even get here? what brought us into a house that we might not get to keep? i never wanted to move to this town. my partner was talking about coming for grad schoool, and i said no. and i said no. and i said yes. so we moved. for two years we… Read More

i’ve been having trouble sleeping lately and have mostly resigned myself to being nocturnal. my partner goes to sleep and i putter. it’s when i’m productive, when i’m alone at night. but then i try to go to bed and i still can’t sleep, so i sit around being restless. tonight they got up at… Read More