we’ve been trying to figure out where to go. we know we won’t be able to stay here, and we can’t really afford anywhere to go. none of our family is super cat-friendly. my partner needs to be in town so they can go to work.

IMG_1095.JPGwe have friends with a studio on their land who say we can land there for now. that’s great because we love them, but hard because they’re half-an-hour out of town. they also have a lot of pets and are out in the wilds, so i worry about our territorial tomcat being outdoors there. still, he and i can nestle up snug in our studio while my partner couch-surfs to work, i guess.

we’ve started sanitizing things so that we can move them. we were able to buy some storage tubs, in anticipation of abundant moving, so after the epa-recommended ritual (machine wash like you normally would, except three times in a row, and then dry off-site) we are able to put things in tubs and stash them in my car (bless you, hatchback).

we’re kind of going to be turtles. my partner will have their home on their back(pack) and my shell will be the car/tubs/studio for now.

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