we’re pretty sure that tomorrow will be our last day at the house, because we’ll probably meet with the health department tomorrow and if we do things will start rolling fast.

it’s been all laundry all the time over here (my partner is amazing). beyond that, sanitizing is confusing. we have read a lot about wiping things down with a detergent solution, but can we do that inside the house? if we wear sanitized clothes inside the house for a few seconds, do we have to wash them three more times? if something clean touches something dirty?

it feels like cooties – something we’re afraid of, but don’t really know anything about. my aunt and i were on the phone on saturday and we joked that maybe it’s like an STI… we will disclose to everyone who has been in our house, and do they need to tell everyone whose house they’ve been in since?

it’s really odd because some things we are able to clean and keep, but some things we aren’t – it really depends on what is porous and if things will survive being cleaned. i’m going to lose most of my craft supplies (i used to work at a paper store and collected a bunch of cool stuff) and yarn (unless I want to felt everything) but most of our dishes and my carefully curated fat-kid wardrobe will be safe. most of our furniture and books and mattresses will have to go, but washable bedding can stay.

so as we’ve been getting ready to go, there’ve already been odd things we need to borrow/collect. pillows we can keep, but they will take forever to wash/dry and since clothes are still going, should we buy/borrow some? do we have enough tubs? where will I put stuff at the studio? what can my partner use as their turtle shell?

fortunately, i had forgotten that there was a dresser in the studio, in addition to the bed already there. and i posted wondering if anyone had these resources we could borrow, and we’ve wrangled up a camping pack and some pillows. so we’re moving forward, slowly but surely.

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