so it turns out that we will be meeting with the county on Thursday. it’s a weird kind of waiting game, now…. I wrote a little about figuring out what to bring, but I’m still all mixed up.

have you ever gone on a trip where first you do one thing where you need one wardrobe, but then you do something else with a completely different wardrobe? like you’re going to the beach for a week and then have a series of formal job interviews? it’s kind of like that, and it takes a certain part of your brain to figure out what to do… because ultimately, our “stuff” falls into a handful of categories that I can’t yet enumerate because I don’t know how many there are, so here’s an unordered list:

  • stuff we want to have with us at the next step (clean/waiting to clean)
  • stuff we cherish and want to put somewhere safe ASAP (clean/to clean)
  • stuff we want to clean and keep later if we can
  • stuff we want to sort through later
  • stuff we want to get rid of but can’t yet because it’s a biohazard

i keep getting forgetting the priority and focusing on that third one, instead of the first one (a lot, I think, because it’s easier to cherry pick through with my brain to what is easily cleanable). plus, once those first two are clean, we have to figure out where to store things temporarily while we work out where they’ll go (the default answer is “in my car,” but it’s tricky to put both moving stuff and precious breakables there)… and now that we’ve moved some things in preparation for being gone tonight, we’re missing some immediate things that we have already moved? bluh.

welcome me into my blustery brain, folks. I think I need to go make food. xo

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