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We signed a lease for another year in the apartment. It’s pretty great, although not perfect… But after all the instability, and in our area’s tight rental market, we’re staying put.

It’s strange to see the small parts of the fallout. My partner’s afraid to buy secondhand furniture because what if it’s contaminated? I’ve always had trouble packing for trips but now it causes days of anguish. When it looked like our lease might not go through, I freaked the heck out. My partner still has the physical symptoms of their meth poisoning sometimes.

Travel is less of an adventure now. We used to like camping but now the instability of road trip food is more of a nervous reminder than a special chance to eat crap.

Our cat buddy is about to turn 14. We love him more than anything. Anytime anyone mentions buying a house, I yell at them to test for meth. There are still hairline fractures, but we’re healing.

(I’ve requested four times now that WordPress make the cat photo not-sideways. It keeps changing it back. Thanks for your patience and for turning your head sideways. Remember those taco commercials with, what, Shaq?)


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  • I will legit go full Kool-Aid Man about the meth test thing when I hear of someone considering buying a house. Cheers on your second lease! <3

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