how did we even get here? what brought us into a house that we might not get to keep?

i never wanted to move to this town. my partner was talking about coming for grad schoool, and i said no. and i said no. and i said yes.

so we moved. for two years we lived in a sweet blue house with an absent mountain climber housemate/landlord. it was ideal, but i didn’t feel like we were safe there – he could come back any time and our quiet routine would be startled.

so we started looking for a house to share with friends, so that we could share the mortgage. that didn’t work out, so we started looking on our own for a place where we could have folks live in a separate part of the house to help out.

we found a great place. it was charming and would work to be two separate units, but could then become a cohesive unit if we brought kids into our lives. it was down the street from our best friend. it was close to public transit, but on a quiet road that felt like a neighborhood. it had a big lot, so we could garden, and a big garage that could hold stuff/become something cool.

it was a foreclosure. the bank told us that they would do no more repairs, that they would sell it as-is. the insurance, the bank, and we said yes.

the day after the house closed, it rained. the basement flooded.

and now we’re here.

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