we got the notice on the door yesterday, informing us and the world that it’s unsafe to enter without permission. I meant to take a picture, but it was dark by the time I had a chance.

the contractor came and the feelings slammed into us again. I think we need to be back in town. the studio is sweet but it’s too small for us, and too hard for my partner to get to work.

the meeting with the contractor was disheartening. the estimate hasn’t come in yet, but apparently they only do the tearing down walls and scrubbing part of the cleanup, and then we would need someone else to do the rebuild. which I guess makes sense – the cleanup requires certification that the rebuild doesn’t, so why not spread the work out so that they can focus on the stuff they are specially qualified for… but it still means that we then have to get another estimate (for work we can’t really even estimate) and then deal with another contractor.

she also (seemed very knowledgable about meth and) disagreed with the county about us being able to keep our stuff. she was very concerned about what we have already removed from the house, and pretty much said that we would lose everything.

it was really hard for me to leave tonight. if the cat had been there, I probably would have tried to find an excuse to stay. my partner had to remind me that it was toxic… but it’s still home, you know?

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