nikki mcclure is one of my favorite artists. she makes gorgeous paper cut pieces and releases a new calendar every year. i’ve had one of her calendars every year since 2003, when i moved to olympia. since then i’ve twice overlapped old calendar pages to create beautiful wall murals. i find her work really soothing, usually.

these are the kind of priceless things i spend brief moments being sad about. the pages weren’t worth much money in the first place, but i will miss them a lot and they can’t be replaced. nobody cares about old calendar pages, but i will miss these. they’ve traveled far with me, from olympia to seattle to san diego to olympia to san francisco to san diego to olympia to here.

this year’s calendar was called “home.” we’ve been so frazzled that i didn’t manage to flip the calendar until today. with her calendars every month has a word that the piece centers around. the word for december is “stay.” …yeah.

also today i went through our books. i’ve read that folks are usually able to keep yearbooks and things like that, with the knowledge that they are still not super safe, and i hope that’s the same for us. as i sorted through our bookshelves to pick those things out, i realized just how many of our books are books that i had when i was a kid, which i’ve been saving to read to my potential babies.

…that was a sad realization to stomach, but i decided that i could make a list of them to remember to replace. so now i have a wish list full of kids books, for whenever we’re in that mode.

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