the meeting with the county brought a little good news, not so much financially but emotionally. they agreed that most of the literature out there is talking about how to clean/dispose of possessions that were in the house while meth was being used. since that isn’t the case with us, we don’t have to sanitize/dispose of every single thing we own! we can keep our stuff!

it feels silly for that to be such a big deal, and I don’t think it would be if I hadn’t already steeled myself for the loss of a lot of it.

beyond that, the meeting told us stuff that we already knew, mostly. the next step is to find a contractor. I called two businesses from the state-approved meth cleanup-companies list, and we have one coming out for an estimate on wednesday.

we’re heading out to temporary housing (our friends’ studio 1/2 hour out of town) this evening. we have already taken a few tubs of bedding/clothing/dishes out there, so tonight we will take a last load and the cat. hopefully things will be cozy and we will sleep well.

tomorrow begins packing the house up for storage in the garage. hopefully whatever contractor we use can clean in shifts and (if they have to clean the garage) clean the house and then the garage.

we’re officially condemned (posted “in violation” of county health code) today. whee!

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