tonight my partner took the car in to get an oil change (their first time driving since they got sick!) and learned that the oil pan threads are stripped. so while we were supposed to move today, it’s been pushed back one more night.we were pretty ready to go, except for last-minute things like fridge stuff and medications, so it’s been a weirdly relaxing night at home. it’s wistful and calm – I had a moment to make a new eye mask for them and repair the old one (hopefully useful, with the couch surfing). they’re doing math and listening to music. we finished watching an old “jonathan creek” christmas special (spoiler: it was the guy you expected).

tomorrow the official uprooting happens, and we’re pretty ready. but it’s nice to have this calm before the storm.

oh, and today was disclosure day, where we finally told everyone we know, so it became more real and not some big secret. thank you all for your love and support.


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