it’s amazing how much better things can seem when we’re not balancing housing drama on top of severe depression.

although we’re both still exhausted, we’re also starting to feel a little more like we’re moving forward. to use a sports metaphor (which is absurd, because we don’t sports) instead of just having a crappy year, we’re moving into a “building year.”

my partner is moving back in with their folks to try to find (more) work and make some (better) money. i just submitted an application to live in an apartment with some acquaintances while i deal with the house. we’re pacing the floor waiting for the last bid to come in and for some more testing to be scheduled.

of the state’s eight companies licensed to do meth cleanup, there are two companies that we’re thinking about working with. there are several companies that we are unimpressed with, and one that we can’t understand how they stay in business given their flagrant ignorance around their own licensing provisions, and their inability to communicate in a timely manner. it took more than a month for Bellingham Roto Rooter to even respond to us (after we contacted them numerous times), and once we were finally able to schedule an appointment they arrived late and unapologetic… without permission to enter the property. which is illegal (and about which we had already inquired in an email scheduling the appointment).

we’re still in the studio for now and need to be out by the end of the month. we have a plan and a back-up plan, so i’m hoping we’ll be ok. we have a deadline pending which i think we’re going to have to see if we can push forward, but at least we’re chugging along.

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