we were warned that the wet was a problem, post-remediation. the way they “clean” is mostly just by pressure-washing things. so when the company’s clean-up plan included lots of ventilation, i thought that would be addressed and we’d be ok.

but we got an email today from a neighbor (who we’ve never met) that “The last workers in your house used a lot of water on the walls and floors, closed up the house and left. Now the windows are all steamed up and I’m afraid that mold might start to grow and you will have another serious issue in there.

…which is exactly what i was afraid would happen. i wish i had been able to make it to the walk-through with the county and the lead on our project, but i wasn’t and now i’m stuck writing Strongly Worded Emails because i’m not excited about potentially having a new toxin take root in our home. we love some molds, we (used to) brew kombucha and love lots of probiotics, but we’re both really sensitive to bad mold.

i can’t get back in there until the test results come back from the walk-through, and that just leaves me worried, very worried, and ineffective.

meanwhile the apartment situation has turned out to be less-than-ideal, so i’m at my grandparents’ house for now (the cat has now moved i-think-24-times in his 11 years), and hoping that once we get a furnace in i might be able to stay in our shell of the house (as folks work on it around me). but if we have mold, that won’t work. urg. it’s a few more weeks until my grandparents get back into town and time alone here is a luxury, but mostly i just want to not be in their way when they try to come back to their normal life. i don’t know.

[title of this one is a reference to one of my favorite things, eddie izzard being darth vader at the death star cafeteria. it’s the best. there’s swears.]
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